Types of Hotel Rooms in Samoa and How Much They Cost

You will effectively observe Samoa to be among the least expensive traveler objections in the Pacific Islands. You could spend much less by going to Samoa than Tahiti or Hawaii. Inns in Samoa by and large take special care of significant Visa holders and are known to acknowledge secured check. There are additionally various robotized teller machines and banks that you might utilize. The cash utilized in the nation is the Samoan Tala.

Like the greater part of the Pacific Islands, Samoa is exceptionally pleased with its perfect sea shores and dark blue waters, so the majority of their best inns are situated along the coastlines and ocean side bays. A great lodging in Samoa will furnish you with various kinds of rooms with a view. Here are the normal sorts of rooms you will find in Samoa alongside their essential rates.

Standard Rooms

Essential standard room rates will expect you to dish out around $250 to $550 each night. The cost might be impacted by variables like the view from a window, the furnishings, and non-abrasiveness or size of the beds. Standard rooms are typically outfitted with their own hotel room furniture TV, bed, table, and wardrobe. Lodgings that are positioned three stars are expected to have standard rooms with a shower room.

Choice Rooms

Choice rooms are more costly than standard rooms and can cost $600 to as much as $800 each night. In spite of the fact that it costs more, you can anticipate reliability and graciousness from the lodging’s administration work force. Contrast in the value reach will spell arrangement of various levels of extravagance. Beside the better conveniences, select rooms are likewise impressively bigger than standard rooms.

Choice rooms are put in the high positions while discussing lodgings. A Samoa inn might call its exclusive rooms as studios, lofts, or suites. A few exclusive rooms comprise of more than one room. The lodging might have individual rooms, kitchen, lounge area, and parlor, among others.


In spite of the fact that suites are viewed as fancy rooms, the particularity in which they are planned provides them with their very own class. There are three unique kinds of suites in Samoa inns: junior, standard, and the super suite. Remaining at a super suite can cost you $900 upwards. An official suite or chief suite is viewed as a super suite.