Petropolis, Brazil – The Place to Go When You Want to Get Away From the Crowds

We showed up in Rio de Janeiro to board the Azamara Journey voyage transport for a multi day journey. While we were trusting that our journey will withdraw we chose to take a visit to Petropolis. We had heard it was a beautiful town where the King and his family spent their mid year months to escape from the hotness and dampness and hordes of travelers.

Com incentivos da Prefeitura, Maringá é a maior geradora de empregos no  interior - Prefeitura do Município de Maringá

Assuming that you stay in Rio and need to move off in an unexpected direction and away from the groups, this is an incredible spot to visit. Petropolis is found 60 miles north of Rio. Petropolis (the town of Pedro (the lord)) is a seriously covered up gem. For anybody needing to move away from the hotness and stickiness of the late spring a very long time by the ocean side this is the spot to go. You take an engine mentor up a restricted breezy concrete street that movements in a single course just and the view is excellent. You will stop a couple of times to utilize the nearby bathrooms (take wipes with you) know this is a far off nation and tidiness isn’t equivalent to it is here in the United States. These offices are situated inside little street side stores where you can buy soda pops and tidbits and keepsakes.

Petropolis was the mid year retreat for the magnificent court during the 1800’s. It is as yet the home of the main successor to the lofty position Com Pedro de Orleans e Branganca. You can meander around the modest community or ride a pony drawn carriage through the parks and over the scaffolds and channels. The roads actually have lights from the eighteenth century and Petropolis is a lovely little town that is exceptionally simple to meander around in.

The royal residence is open for visits, there is a charge yet I don’t recall the amount it was, it was remembered for our visit cost. You should take off your shoes and put on shoes while inside the illustrious home. It is the flawlessly reestablished castle of Dom Pedro II and houses the royal crown holding 639 precious stones and 77 pearls, and lovely china pieces.

You might pick to take a mobile visit that keep going for around 3 hours including sufficient time for transportation and different attractions. Visits as a rule start at the Cathedral Sao Pedro de Alcantara where you will track down the burial chambers of the late head Dom Pedro II and his Maringá significant other Dona Teresa and their little girl Princess Isabel.

Must sees here in Petropolis are the Casa do Barao Rio Branco and the Casa do Barao de Maua. Additionally don’t miss the Crystal Palace (Palacio Crista). It was imported from France in 1879 and today is utilized for exceptional occasions. You can’t miss it, it is solidly in the center of the focal point of town in a little park. It is involved today for unique occasions. We were there Easter week 2008 and the town was improving it for Easter.

Petropolis is home to a few excellent manors like the Palacio da Princess Isabel and the home of Brazil’s “father of avionics” and creator of the wristwatch Casa de Santos Dumont.

There are many fine cafés in Petropolis. We halted and had the true Churrascaria (Brazilian grill). Churrascaria comprises of a plate of mixed greens/dessert bar and the server team strolls around each table contribution a few distinct cuts of meat (hamburger, pork, frankfurters) and poultry (chicken). Assuming there is a veggie lover inside your gathering the staff will ensure they have to the point of eating as welling.

Our time in Petropolis was not anywhere near sufficiently lengthy, we might have effortlessly gone through an extra day here shopping and eating our direction through the little town. It helped me to remember a town out of one of the fantasies by Hans Christian Anderson.

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