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The Journey South

In October 1963 the RRS John Biscoe sailed from Southampton with 20 or so young men, whose skills ranged from scientist to expert mountaineer, on a 9,500 mile voyage to re-supply and change the personnel at some of the six permanent British Antarctic Survey Bases operational in the Antarctic at that time. 

  John Biscoe at Southampton October 1963   John Biscoe leaving Southampton   Rough seas in the Atlantic

In the 1960's approximately 100 members of BAS over-wintered in the Antarctic each year, carrying out scientific and exploratory research. Three ships were used to relieve the bases, providing supplies for the following twelve months and collecting half the base personnel who would be returning home after two years on the ice.

Atlantic Sunset Entering Montevideo harbour Montevideo Square
An Atlantic sunset Entering Montevideo harbour   The main square
Montevideo from hill above town The first three weeks were spent heading south through the Atlantic, passing close to the Azores and the Cape Verde Islands and on to Montevideo in Uruguay, where the ship was refuelled. The South Atlantic

A few days shore leave and onwards south to Stanley in the Falkland Islands, which at that time was the southern home of BAS and where the base personnel were kitted out with all their Antarctic clothing and needs for the following two years.
Entering Stanley Harbour Whalebones in Stanley Stanley Church
  Entering Stanley Harbour The famous Stanley whalebones Stanley Church
  This was also to be the final farewell to the outside world for the next two years.

All photographs are scans from personally owned slides


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